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Why Agile Development?

  • Posted On: 22 August 2019
Why Agile Development?

Software Development is an ever growing industry that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon with the demand for bespoke software solutions constantly increasing.

With the industry continuing to grow more and more people are integrating with software development and the terminology that goes with this. If you have been researching software developers, you may have come across the phrase ‘agile development’ but not quite grasped what this means and if it is important to you.

Agile Development started life in 2001 when a group of developers met to discuss best practice for creating work and the principles of a good working method. There are 12 principles of Agile Developments but the basic concept is that the developer and the client work closely together with regular communication and reviews to see how the software is progressing. The aim of Agile Development is that iterations of work are released to the customer on a regular basis rather than waiting months on end for a completed project to be delivered.

The benefits of Agile Development are that there is a schedule of work with set costs that should keep customers engaged. Because work is delivered in regular chunks amends to the brief can be made earlier on with both parties understanding that change can be made at each iteration, without having to repriotise the backlog of work. Agile Development also allows the project to be broken down into manageable chunks which increase testing and collaboration on a project.

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